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Violence Against Women is Not a “Normal Part of Life

Public education that is aimed at preventing domestic abuse is essential.


The World Health Organization’s World Report on Violence and Healthnotes that “one of the most common forms of violence against women is that performed by a husband or male partner.”

In Canada, the complexity of the problem is aggravated for immigrants, refugees, and aboriginal women due to limited availability of information and/or access to services. Social and community pressure along with fear of the authorities compounds the problem.

Awareness-raising about intimate-partner abuse determinants provides information on how to navigate the system and the available resources in the community.


·     How self-aware are you when entering a relationship?

·     What makes you stay?

·     What should make you leave?

·     Where can you find the “right” help?


·     The nature of choice in relationships

·     Healthy relationships versus toxic relationships

·     Domestic abuse—forms and tactics

·     The cycle of abuse

·     The importance of addressing domestic abuse

·     Access to resources


Participants will gain or strengthen skills to help them (a) reflect on positive and negative traits in relationships and the impact of those choices on their well-being, (b) identify the determinants of intimate-partner abuse, and (c) seek the support and services available in the community against an abusive partner.=


In a non-invasive way, Helen presents these sensitive topics using a PowerPoint presentation, and the participants interact with questions and comments as they feel comfortable doing so, thus providing a safe place to engage.


PRESENTATION: In person and virtual

DURATION: 90 minutes


LANGUAGES: English and Portuguese


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