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We tend to have difficulty healing from previous negative experiences, especially those deliberately caused by others. The events get “stuck” in our memory. They become part of who we are. Most of the time, we believe it is impossible to find peace and to heal from them. We blame ourselves, we blame others, and we develop coping strategies as a way to numb the pain. When we do that, we feel better for the moment, but in the long run, this can harm us. By harnessing the power of acceptance, we learn to better deal with our emotions in the face of past events.


  • Do you have difficulty healing from previous negative experiences deliberately caused by others?
  • Do you feel victimized by your story?
  • Do you feel guilty about the event, or do you tend to blame others?
  • Do you seek a way to relieve/anesthetize your pain?
  • Do you accept responsibility for your actions?
  • Are you happy with your current self?
  • Do you feel that you sabotage your own success?
  • Do you know the difference between acceptance and approval?
  • Do you know what trauma integration means?


  • Adversity | Internal Conflict | Emotional Pain
  • Blame | Victimization
  • Choices | Responsibility
  • Change
  • Acceptance


The purpose of this presentation is to inspire others to develop emotional intelligence through acceptance, allowing them to reframe negative events and consequently overcome conflicts.


I present these topics using a PowerPoint presentation, allowing participants to interact with questions and comments as they feel comfortable doing so, thus providing a safe place to engage. At the end, each participant will have the opportunity to create a drawing of themselves representing past, present, and future. The resulting product has special meaning for each individual. Participants will have an opportunity to share their creations with others if they choose to do so.


PRESENTATION:In person and virtual

DURATION: 120 minutes


LANGUAGES: English and Portuguese


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