Speaker Category: Trauma | Mental Health

Make Peace with What Has Been Done to You


Helen has become an inspiration for survivors of domestic violence and sexual and emotional abuse.

She opens her heart to the audience about her own difficulty healing from previous negative experiences deliberately caused by others. Through storytelling, Helen draws the audience in with the events that got “stuck” or “forgotten” in her memory and talks about the coping mechanisms she developed as a way to numb her pain, uncovering how this became harmful in the long run.

Helen reveals the actions she took to better deal with her emotions in the face of past events through sourcing and harnessing her own power of acceptance.

This presentation is for survivors of abuse and for others who haven’t yet realized that self-serving actions deeply affect our lives, inflicting trauma that can ultimately result in mental health issues.

PRESENTATION: In person and virtual

DURATION: 60 minutes


LANGUAGES: English and Portuguese


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