Speaker Category: Domestic Abuse | Inspirational

Everyone Deserves to Be Free

It is possible to get out of an abusive relationship!

Helen’s personal experience with domestic abuse gives her the ability to share firsthand insights that touch and inspire audiences. She deeply believes that it is possible to extract oneself from an abusive relationship, but action must be taken. Knowing that regaining her freedom would not have been possible without the help of institutions that assist women in situations of abuse, she emphasizes how crucial it is to financially support such organizations.

As an International Women’s Day keynote speaker, Helen has shared the stage with international best-selling author Marina Nemat and Central York firefighter and sixteen-time World Firefighter Challenge champion Amber Bowman.

Ideal for non-profit organizations observing Women’s Day and Domestic Violence Awareness Month or holding fundraising events related to domestic abuse.


PRESENTATION: In person and virtual

DURATION: 20 minutes


LANGUAGES: English and Portuguese


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