Artist statement


Through analogical thinking and using art as a therapeutic process, I drew a portrait of a woman who has been victimized by domestic abuse, family violence, sexual assault, and her struggles with mental health.

The uneven black squares represent the victimization endured. The interlined white lines represent moments of hope, courage, resilience and spirituality.

The unfinished black lines represent her emotional reactions of anger, shame, guilt, depression, grief, anxiety, emotional numbness, social withdrawal, and feeling helpless. The uneven colourful squares represent support from family, friends, counsellors and institutions.

The arms, holding every experience lived, represent acceptance of what happened and the power it brings within.

The earth’s colour represents the need for feeling grounded.

The background colours represent women, women’s abuse, equality, justice, dignity and hope.

Helen Dantas




Acrylic on canvas combined with Mix Media Art © 2020 Helen Dantas


The original painting is not for sale. The print is available in different sizes.

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