A New Book Cover

Don’t get me wrong— I liked my old book cover. The problem was some readers were picking up the book thinking it was a religious book, and that’s not what the book is about. The novel is about an interfaith and interracial relationship, emotional abuse, resilience, and survival in a time when women’s empowerment leads to a decrease in domestic abuse.

Abuse is indiscriminate when it comes to age, race, economic status, religion, sexual orientation or level of education.

For these reasons, I decided to change the cover to abstract art. The light symbolizes hope, freedom, and a new beginning; the darkness represents the protagonist’s struggle of living in an oppressed relationship. Beatriz sees brightening here and there, but her married life is overshadowed by the fury of the sky. She needs to face her problems, but she is afraid to do so.

With time she realizes that the light was getting smaller, and soon she would lose hope and die. She had to do something, and courage took over her and she started “unveiling the truth.”

Hope you enjoy reading it!    Helen Dantas